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Summer 2022

| July 20, 2022
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Summer 2022

Happy summer! The world looks different from a year ago. We are all feeling the pinch of higher prices at the pump and at the grocery store. The S&P 500 finished the six-month period ending June 30 down 20.6 percent. The Federal Reserve appears poised to hike the Federal Funds Rate by a whole percentage point. You might be feeling pretty glum.

As I have mentioned time and again, our concern is the integrity of your personal financial, investment, and income distribution plan. We have been emailing and calling each of you to make sure that you have had your regular review meeting. Especially during periods of market uncertainty, it is important that we know what is going on in your financial lives. If you have not responded to our outreach or somehow missed out, please contact our office to get on the calendar.

Series I Savings Bonds

Did you miss the May 3 blog post about these US Treasury-backed bonds paying 9.62%? If so, it might be because you only receive the newsletters by mail. Please provide our office with an up-to-date email address to make sure you get all the most current informational pieces or be sure to check out the following link on our website: Blog (

Charitable Gifts and Qualified Charitable Distributions

Those of you who typically make annual charitable gifts from your investment accounts or who use their IRA required minimum distributions to make qualified charitable distributions might want to get started earlier this year. If you missed our June 17 notification, we would like to submit all such requests by September 16 this year given the slower administrative processing times all our investment sponsor companies have been experiencing. Don’t wait till the last minute! Find the blog post here: Charitable giving (

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

If you still need to take your RMD for this year, this is just a nudge to try not to wait until the last minute. The IRS may impose a 50% tax on the full or partial amount of the RMD not withdrawn on time.

Well, that’s enough nagging for one newsletter. Back to summer slumber by the lake. Enjoy those cocktails!


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