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The Planning Process

In our initial consultation, we will explore your financial planning needs and determine whether we are well suited to work together. This first conversation usually takes place by phone and is 20-30 minutes. All our prospective clients are referred to us by existing clients or attorneys and CPAs.

Once you affirm your interest in taking the next step, our office will send you information about our various financial planning offerings. The minimum fee for a financial plan is $3,000. You may also be asked to provide financial and other important information and documents as necessary to create a financial plan and formulate recommendations.  For our financial recommendations to be relevant, it is essential that we not only know the numbers, but also what sorts of financial concerns keep you awake at night. Like all aspects of our relationship, your financial information will be held in the strictest confidence.

A virtual or in-person meeting is arranged for the presentation of your financial plan, strategies, and recommendations. We will work with you to understand the plan and, if you choose, implement these recommendations for you. 

If you choose to continue working with us, we will communicate regularly and be available for any financial planning related issues as they develop. We are accessible by phone, virtual meetings, email or for in-office meetings. The frequency of these interactions varies based on the complexity of your financial situation as well as the type of offering you have selected.