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The Planning Process

In our first meeting, we will explore your financial planning needs and determine whether we are well suited to work with each other.

There is never a fee for the first meeting.

Once you affirm your interest in going forward, you will be asked to provide financial and other important information and documents as necessary to form our financial recommendations.  For our financial recommendations to be relevant, it is essential that we not only know the numbers, but your goals, concerns, and interests as well. Like all aspects of our relationship, your financial information will be held in the strictest confidence.

The next meeting is for the presentation of strategies and recommendations. We will work with you to understand the plan and, if you choose, implement these recommendations for you. 

If you choose to continue working with us, we will communicate regularly and be available for any financial planning related issues as they develop. We are accessible by phone, virtual meetings, email or for in-office meetings and we do not charge for this ongoing service. We always suggest an annual update meeting but are happy to schedule more frequent meetings, as well.